May 082011
Authors: Nic Turiciano

CSU’s first Ramstock ended with more than 1,500 half-naked students listening to live music on the LSC’s West lawn Friday night.

Ramstock, which featured 18 Colorado bands, began at 2 p.m. and offered students the chance to watch a day’s worth of live music before participating in the annual Undie Run.

The crowd ebbed and flowed as multiple bands took to two stages set up outside of the LSC.

“It went great. Tons and tons of people came out. There were a lot of people who were there for Ramstock and a lot of people there for the Undie Run,” Loren Martinez, the Association for Student Activity Programming’s concert coordinator, said.

But not all who were there agreed with Martinez. Jade Cutler, who was working the sound for Ramstock through Events Services, wished that more people had shown up to the event.

“I think they really should have done more because this is really cool. I mean, I barely knew about it, and I’m working it,” Cutler said during Fort Collins’ band Common Anomaly’s 5:45 p.m. set.

Emma Kimball, a sophomore international studies major, felt differently. She took the opportunity to watch live music without the typical prices associated with it.

“It’s free and live and nice outside. Why not? Live music is expensive,” Kimball said.

Ramstock cost around $15,000, according to Martinez, with over half of the funding coming from student fees. Compared to the $55,000 spent on last semester’s Ludacris show, the event was worth it, Martinez said.

The event used a mix of marketing practices, including false protests, ads placed in student media and even ASAPers dressed in gorilla costumes running through campus to raise awareness for the event.

Kate Ball, the lead singer for the band Assets of the Universe, played a solo set on Stage 1. She encountered what she called a tough crowd, but enjoyed playing the event nonetheless.

“I think that the people associated with ASAP this semester have done a wonderful job, and it’s definitely an awesome thing that they did. They put in a lot of good promotion for it, and I’m proud of it. I appreciate it,” Ball said.

Connecting with students who live off campus, especially toward the end of the semester, is always difficult, Martinez said. He felt ASAP went above and beyond with marketing Ramstock.

“The goal is to do it again next year. It will keep growing and growing. Hopefully it will become an annual thing that everyone knows about,” Martinez said.

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