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Junior business major Bryon Malang was rounding the corner onto Linden Street when he first saw the finish line of the 26.2-mile Colorado Marathon.

After sprinting to the end, he was in disbelief. He had finished in two hours and 57 minutes, qualified for the 2012 Boston Marathon and officially completed his first marathon — a feat he credits to hard work, dedication and the support of his fellow members of Ram Runners, CSU’s first non-NCAA running club.

The club, which was created by Malang and fellow runner and business major Sam Sternburg, prides itself on being one-of-a-kind, focused on being social, competitive and open to the public.

“Both of us had a passion for running and the goal of Ram Runners was to make sure academics come first,” Malang said. “We’re very competitive but we see it as something to do in our free time. It’s a way to blow off steam.”

Starting off with five members in the fall of 2010, Ram Runners has grown its membership to 15 people,sending four to the Colorado Marathon where three qualified for the 2012 Boston Marathon.

“Sam and I started recruiting on campus back in the fall and it’s just taken off from there,” Malang said. “A lot of people are finding a niche in the running community through this group.”

Senior nutrition major Shenavia Balcom came to CSU as a long-time runner who wasn’t interested in dealing with the hassles of being a college athlete. After trying to find a club that suited her, she overheard Malang talking about Ram Runners.

“He was really helpful, more than willing to meet and I just kind of went from there,” Balcom said.

“It was very lax and that’s one thing I like,” Balcom said. “You have running clubs where people don’t really do anything or they’re super competitive to the point where it’s counterintuitive to being in a club.”

By not only being affiliated with the university, but also allowing faculty and community members to join, Ram Runners allows for a diverse group of people with different running philosophies.

“It’s nice to have students of all levels,” said Derek Johnston, an associate professor of accounting at CSU. “I find training a lot easier when you have a set schedule and people to push you.”
In the future, Malang hopes to continue Ram Runners, host races and grow membership.

“It’s a lot of fun and for everyone,” Balcom said. “Beginning to advanced, we take anyone.”

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The Marathon

What is Ram Runners?

  • A social and competitive running club recognized through the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office.
    h1. How to join?
  • To check out the club and get involved, send a message to the group through their Facebook page.

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