May 052011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

A group of misfits since we were first hired on at the Collegian, some of us years ago, the editors on this board haven’t changed much.

We’re still a group divided on our opinions, united by our inability to focus for an entire meeting. We’ve yelled, cursed, laughed and cried together and, in the midst of the 12-hour workdays and later-than-bearable nights, we became a family.

We, despite some of our best efforts, are now best friends, and like any good family, have always been the best and worst parts of our days. For years we have and will continue to always support each other as we take our next steps forward.

Journalists through and through, it’s our love of this industry that’s kept us here covering your events and writing the stories we hope will make a difference.

As CSU Rams and proud Fort Collins residents, it’s our dedication to this community and campus that has driven us to do our best in supporting the achievements and mourning the tragedies that have impacted your lives.

To our readers, we want to say thank you for letting us into your homes and lives, if only for a moment, and sharing your stories.

For your patience when we get things wrong, and for your appreciation when we tell it right, we are grateful.

Ultimately, we’re here and working for you, and we hope we’ve done our jobs in getting our facts straight and your events covered.

At the end of what has been for some a four-year love affair with this paper, our graduates wish the best of luck to those filling our seats next year. Their talent and passion will carry this paper to even more great achievements.

And to you, some of us say our final goodbye. Thanks for everything. We will miss you all.

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