May 042011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Update: Jason Berlinberg was ratified late last night after the paper was sent to print. All members who were nominated were ratified last night.

Cooper Anderson handed over the historic Associated Students of CSU president’s briefcase to Eric Berlinberg Wednesday night as Berlinberg and Rachel Roberson were ratified as the student body’s new president and vice president during the first session of the 41st Senate.

Senior and non-returning ASCSU members stood outside the window of the Senate Chambers watching and smoking cigars after the meeting for the 40th Senate concluded in a traditional celebration as new members were nominated and ratified for the Berlinberg-Roberson administration.

During the last session of the 40th Senate, Sen. Ben Weiner presented a resolution recommending that the Student Fee Review Board remove the requirement to justify a “no” vote from the organization’s bylaws, which passed in an 18-2-7 vote.

The ASCSU bylaws were approved by the Senate, but with some amendments, including altering the job descriptions of senators and associate senators.

The job descriptions were amended so that senators are recommended to submit one or more pieces of legislation per year, and associate senators
are required to sponsor at least one bill per year. Senators and associate senators were previously required to author or co-author a minimum of one bill or resolutions per semester.

“This could force senators to be writing legislation simply to write legislation,” Sen. Jack Harries said.

Sen. Joe Eden agreed, saying, “You can be active on campus and not write a singe piece of legislation. It really does encourage writing legislation that you’re not passionate about at all.”

But Speaker Pro Tempore Andy Shank said he would caution senators against removing it because, from what he has seen, it’s something senators and associate senators should be doing.

Shank was nominated and ratified to be speaker pro tempore again next year.

“Andy is one of the most valuable assets that this organization has,” said Sen. Eden. “He has the experience, knowledge and drive needed for this position.”

Miguel Gutierrez, Lindsay Ball, Harrison Huntoon, Rebecca Lytle and Eric Roche were nominated and ratified to serve as the five Senate members to hold positions within the nine-member Student Fee Review Board.

Jason Berlinberg, Eric Berlinberg’s younger brother, was nominated for a deputy director of Student Services position.

“I had no participation in interviewing or nominating him,” Eric Berlinberg said. “The only position in the department of Student Services that I nominated was the director of the position.”

Roberson nominated Jason Berlinberg and will bring the department of Student Services to ratification.

Jason Berlinberg’s nomination had not come up for a vote at the time of print. For more information and to see who else was ratified, check out

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