May 042011
Authors: Rachel Childs

The suspect involved in the April 26 robbery of a CSU student in the Engineering Building parking lot is now confirmed to be a Hispanic male around 25 years old with a husky build, the CSU Police Department reported Tuesday.

After the robbery, which took place around 9 p.m., the perpetrator was last seen wearing a flat-rimmed baseball cap with a white or blue bill and carrying a revolver.

The suspect was seen driving away in a late model green van from the 1990s similar to a Ford Aerostar or Plymoth Voyager shortly after trying to take the victims belongings.

A passenger seen in the van has been described as a petite, Hispanic teenage female wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt.

The suspect reportedly pulled the gun on the victim –– a male CSU student –– and demanded his wallet, backpack, keys and phone before escaping in the van with the passenger late Tuesday night.

CSUPD has not released any other information on the investigation according to an email from CSU spokesperson Dell Rae Moellenberg. Anyone with more information is asked to call CSUPD at 970-491-6425.

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