May 032011
Authors: Sarah Banes

Mara Calomino, a junior communication studies major, says the Behavioral Sciences Building is her favorite place on campus.

“It has a modern and sustainable feel,” Calomino said. “It’s a really good place to study or just hang out.”

This comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere would not be possible if it weren’t for Sarah Barrett, the building proctor who oversees various issues in the Behavioral Sciences Building.

As the building proctor, Barrett acts as a liaison for the occupants of the building to bring up problems or concerns to the appropriate people around campus.

When facilities and other campus departments need information relayed to the building occupants their contact person is the building proctor.

As the administrative assistant for the department of human development and family studies, Barrett already has a packed workload.

“The hardest part of being a building proctor on top of my regular job is just that. The duties of building proctor aren’t hard, they are just time consuming,” Barrett said.

Although Barrett said the building is beautiful, it has not been without its share of drawbacks.

Some of the problems Barrett has had to assist with are floods, fire alarms, suspicious people, medical emergencies, animals in the building, tornados and other maintenance issues.

The building has had an overwhelming amount of heating and cooling problems since it has been finished and Barrett has had quite an experience dealing with new building warranty work.

“This is a brand new building. But there are always going to be issues. My job is to deal with them,” Barrett said, adding that there is a lot she likes about being building proctor.

Ginger Lacy-Gill, the office manager for the Department of Psychology works closely with Barrett and admires her for the work she does.

“She has a great attitude even if you come to her with a huge problem. She is always helpful” said Lacy-Gill, adding that she has known Barrett for almost 10 years.

“I love working with all different kinds of people. I get the opportunity to work with students, the occupants of the building, people around campus and contractors,” Barrett said.

On top of her already full working life, Barrett has four children and a husband who is a police officer for the city of Fort Collins.

She has worked in various positions at CSU for 10 years and also as a dispatcher for the CSU Police Department.

Barrett thinks it is ironic that as a dispatcher she was often calling the building proctors for assistance with various problems and now, 10 years later, she is on the receiving end of those calls.

“I am a big advocate of mitigation. If we can prepare and practice before something happens, the impact of any event will be much more manageable,” Barrett said.

Barrett is a member of Classified Personnel Council and serves on the work group of eThority at CSU.

Eventually, Barrett found herself in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and now is the building proctor for one of the students’ favorite buildings.

“I’m not sure if the position makes the person more aware or the highly aware person makes the position, but I know I keep an extra vigilant eye on happenings in the building,” Barrett said. “This has resulted in several awkward moments for me having to confront people who are doing strange things. Overall, being a building proctor is just one of the many ways in which we can take an active role in the community we work in.”

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