May 012011
Authors: Greg Mees, Allison Sylte and Erin Udell

@transfortbusdriver (7:15 a.m. on Friday, April 29): Two college journalists have stepped onto my bus, reeking of excess and carrying a breakfast quiche and a personalized cookie-cake. The other students here are just beginning their days. Theirs has obviously just ended.

Unbeknownst to that bus driver, those two college journalists, News Editor Allison Sylte and Senior Reporter Erin Udell, had been up all night at Chief Designer Greg Mees’ apartment, live-tweeting the Royal Wedding for the Collegian.
Now let’s back this puppy up to the wee hours of Friday morning.

@meesgreg (2 a.m.): AllisonSylte and erinudell, where are you guys? The wedding coverage is starting!

@AllisonSylte (2:03 a.m.): Sorry erinudell and meesgreg. Just doin’ my hair and puttin’ on my hat for the royal wedding. I’m also pounding some energy drinks … it’s going to be a long night.

NBC’s coverage of the Royal wedding began at 1 a.m. and lasted until 10 a.m. The royal wedding, which celebrated the end of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eight-year courtship, drew 22.8 million U.S. viewers and an estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide.

@meesgreg (2:04 a.m.): Where’s @erinudell?

@AllisonSylte (2:08 a.m.): … I don’t know. Wasn’t she supposed to be at your house at 2?

@erinudell (2:10 a.m.): Pregaming haard. Will and Kate 4eva.

@erinudell (2:15 a.m.): Some 1 needs 2 come get me. LOLZ.

@AllisonSylte (2:25 a.m.): Senior Reporter Erin Udell is drunk, and she has a ham and cheese breakfast quiche and a personalized cookie-cake that says “Will and Kate forever” on it, thanks to Sandy from the King Soopers bakery department.
Admirers flocked to the streets of London during the nuptials, waiting to catch a glimpse of the various royals who were invited, as well as celebrities including the Beckhams and Sir Elton John.

@meesgreg (2:41 a.m.): They’re finally here. Let’s make this the best Twitter coverage ever!

@erinudell (2:42 a.m.): MATT LAUER IS SEXY.

@AllisonSylte (2: 42 a.m.): The Queen is late. If my grandparents were alive, they would be way earlier to my wedding.

@erinudell (3:43 a.m.): @meesgreg: The night’s not over until I choke on cubed ham. OMG — is that a piano? Do you have a piano in your apartment?

@AllisonSylte (3:47 a.m.): @meesgreg: Sorry that I’m playing piano. I can’t stop myself from playing “My Heart Will Go On” when I get the chance.

“My Heart Will Go On” is a 1998 love-song by Celine Dion written in honor of the Academy Award-winning film “Titanic.” This is also Prince Harry’s favorite movie. … OK … there is no actual fact backing this up, but we still believe this is true.

@meesgreg (4 a.m.): The first glimpses of Katherine Middleton’s wedding dress. The designer is finally announced as Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.

Once Kate had entered the Abbey, @erinudell: (4:05 a.m.) This isn’t fair! Why am I stuck in Fort Collins, Colorado with you people while Kate gets to marry a Prince? I want my own Royal Wedding, but instead I’m stuck here with you a-holes!

@AllisonSylte (4:06): @erinudell: Suck it up and have some more quiche.

After the hour-long ceremony, a performance by the choir of Westminster Abbey and a curtsy to the Queen by the newlywed Duchess of Cambridge, the couple departed for Buckingham Palace in the same carriage that Charles and Diana rode in after their marriage in 1981.

And in a college apartment across the pond, after a short slumber …

@erinudell (6:25 a.m.): Why the hell am I covered in sharpie? Did you write on me? Oh look, they kissed!

@meesgreg (6:27 a.m.): Kissed again (longer).

@AllisonSylte (6:28 a.m.): Erin … it’s about time that we take the bus and get the heck out of London. Grab yo’ quiche and let’s roll.

Why, you may ask, did three (somewhat) mentally balanced college kids stay up all night to watch a wedding?
Because we here at the Collegian believe. We believe that a young girl can live in a fairytale straight out of a Julia Stiles movie. We believe in love. We believe … in dreams.

Dream on, Collegian readers, dream on. Because this was history in the making.

Chief Designer Greg Mees, News Editor Allison Sylte and Senior Reporter Erin Udell are journalism majors with a concentration in covering royal weddings. If you missed the Collegian’s tweets check them out: RMCollegian. They can be reached at

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