Apr 282011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Nothing warms our hearts more on a sunny Thursday afternoon than an email from our favorite university president, particularly an email with the sole purpose of telling us about the sad state of Tony Frank’s favorite team: the Chicago Cubs.

In the email, he alluded to how many CSU students sent him victorious messages in light of the Rockies’ recent sweep over the Cubs. We don’t have the free time to write emails, because we’re too busy plotting to ruin people’s lives. So we’re just writing this Our View.

So that’s right Tony, the Cubs suck! They haven’t won a World Series in 103 years,.By contrast the Rockies have only gone 18 years without a World Series title (coincidentally, they’ve only existed for 18 years).

Our advisor Mike Humphrey goes as far as to call the Cubs “the most obnoxious sports franchise in America.”

In addition, the Cubs are only 10-13 this season, whereas our mighty Rockies are 16-7. Denver is pretty and has mountains whereas Chicago is a hellhole full of wind and gang warfare and ruled by that tyrant, Oprah Gail Winfrey.

So take that, Tony Frank: The Cubs suck, and the Collegian totally un-endorses them.

Despite Tony’s absolutely terrible taste in baseball teams, the email also told us something else: He’s a pretty darn good guy. In addition to his carpel-tunnel-syndrome inducing budget emails, this message shows he’s a guy who actually cares about his students, a trait that previous administrators had in short supply.

The mere fact that he even bothers to address the students who were comfortable enough to send him trash-talk shows he’s willing to facilitate a genuine relationship with CSU students, something many of the girls on staff called, “adorable.”

So props to you, Tony. Even though the Cubs still suck.

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