Our Royal Wedding Report

Apr 272011
Authors: Allison Sylte and Erin Udell

Do you know what you’ll be doing on Friday at 2 a.m.? Most people will be crawling into bed after a wild night of revelry, cramming for a big exam or sleeping.

But if you’re one of the estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide and one of the countless viewers stateside, you’ll be up at the crack of dawn to watch the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, what People magazine called “a modern day fairytale.”

The Food:

The royal menu will be made up of canapés, quail’s eggs with celery salt, mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and mini sausage rolls.

The Dress:
With the details kept under wraps until the ceremony, word on the street is that Kate has designed her own dress –– drawing on Princess Diana’s iconic Emanuel wedding gown for inspiration.

Royal Wedding Beat Reporters Erin Udell and Allison Sylte can be reached at news@collegian.com.

The Collegian will be live tweeting the event. Check out the Collegian’s Twitter feed: RMCollegian for wedding covereage (a.k.a. Ali and Erin sitting in Chief Designer Greg Mees' apartment). For more tweets, follow allisonsylte, meesgreg or erinudell.

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