Apr 272011
Authors: Nic Turiciano

Summer is near. Thank the Lord. Summer is near.

With it comes something more difficult to notice than sunshine, chirpin’ birds and lighter beers. Well, maybe those three things are contributors, but what I’m talking about are smiles, and they’re about to show up all over the Northern Hemisphere.

The nice thing about music is that there’s always something to fit the mood. It’s no coincidence that my recent summer-inspired smiles have been paired with Times New Viking’s “Dancer Equired.”

Listening to the right album at the right time is an amazing feeling. It’s like having your idol whisper in your ear, “Hey kid, you’re feeling good. And you know what, you deserve it.”

I emphasize right album right time, not best album.

Because “Dancer Equired” isn’t the ‘best’ album. In fact, it’s barely a “good” album. Sometimes the dual melodies are a bit ugly. Other times the keyboard line needs to change from the one note that persists through every song. In fact, most of the songs could have used a little more attention.

But hey, summer is all about the imperfections. Sleeping through the alarm clock, not showering for days, being late to everything. Somehow, imperfect seems like the only way to do things when the weather is nice.

The 14 songs come in at just more than 31 minutes. The only things more fleeting are the best months of the year.

None of the tracks are going to make you stop and listen. Instead, they’ll let you carry on with your day. So grab a Frisbee and some headphones. Waste some time being imperfect, and remember that it won’t be too long before perfection is required and this album wears out its welcome.

Music Reviewer Nic Turiciano has been ready for summer since Spring Break at Verve@collegian.com.

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