Apr 252011
Authors: McClatchy-Tribune

CHICAGO — The last time crooks broke into Jay Han’s Chicago area beauty supply store, they made off with cash.

Early Easter morning, some enterprising thieves made off with more valuable loot: Nearly $80,000 worth of human hair.

The break-in occurred early Sunday morning in the rear of the Beauty One and was captured on videotape.

Han, 52, who has had the shop in the same location for more than six years said he believes the thieves knew just how valuable the hair could be on the black market.

The tresses, which are packaged with brand names like Indi-Remy, Saga Hair and Bohyme Hair, are used to braid hair and for hair extensions especially in the African-American community, said Han.

He said the thieves targeted the most expensive brands, which are more durable and comfortable and left behind poorer quality synthetic locks. They also made off with other hair products.

“They know, because they have a wife and they know what they do to beautify their hair styles and how they invest their money to buy hair,” said Han. “They knew that there is a difference between synthetic hair.”

According to videotaped surveillance outside of his shop, a white van drove up to the back of the store and three men struggled with a heavy steel door that was sealed tight with two deadbolt locks. According to the video the men used a metal pry bar to open the door.

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