Apr 212011
Authors: Cris Tiller

With the first pick in the 2011 Green and Gold Game Player Draft, Green selects junior quarterback M.J. McPeek.

McPeek was the first player off the board Wednesday night in a player run draft used to pick the two sides set to scrimmage Saturday during CSU football’s annual spring game at Hughes Stadium.

Three captains for each team went round by round picking teammates from each position group in hopes of besting the other side in a friendly intra-squad competition for the fans.

“I think it’s a reward for a good spring,” CSU coach Steve Fairchild said. “The kids like the draft, they like to divide up and play like that. If we ended right now I’d say this (spring) is the most productive we’ve been.”

The game provides both coaches and players the opportunity to have some fun following weeks of grueling 7 a.m. practices.

That’s not to say there isn’t some sense of seriousness to the game.

“It’s important because it will show us as a base where we stand,” said junior wide receiver Lou Greenwood. “We’re not going to go out there and do everything we know we can, but when we leave the field Saturday we’ll know approximately where we’re at as a football team.”

Greenwood spent last off season moving from running back to wide receiver but enters this spring game as a featured target of the offense.

“It’s fun. Practice is like a playground,” Greenwood said. “I feel like I grew into the role, so now I have to play like it.”

Scrimmages throughout the spring have been up and down for the offense at times. Sometimes it looks crisp and efficient, but at others the defense appears to be more dominant, causing turnovers and disrupting the offense’s timing.

Sophomore quarterback Pete Thomas believes it will be difficult to take much from Saturday’s spring game because it’s not first team offense versus first team defense.

“It’s a little different with us because we drafted teams, so it’s not first string,” Thomas said. It’s more about beating the other team and talking trash.”

Fairchild knows the way the teams were put together won’t produce a perfect practice but expects both sides of the ball to play a low mistake game.

“(I want) clean, things we can avoid like lining up wrong,” Fairchild said. “As little of that has we can have, the better off we’ll be.”

Thomas has direct stakes in the outcome of the Green and Gold game as one of the captains put in charge of selecting the Gold team’s roster. Thomas was the only underclassman named a captain for either side.

“The quarterback has to be a leader, and I’ve definitely tried to step up my leadership this off season
and I feel like I have,” Thomas said.

The Green and Gold game is free, and begins at 11 a.m.
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