Apr 202011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

After almost five hours of presentations, personal appeals and debate, the sexual assault fee was passed in the Long Bill by a vote of 16-6-5. The overall vote passing the Long Bill was 19-4-4.

The contentious fee has made its way into Our View multiple times this semester, and this will be the last.

ASCSU President Cooper Anderson met individually with senators about the fee in the weeks before the vote to “educate” (bully) them, in an attempt to garner enough votes to fulfill his campaign promise to “enhance sexual assault education.”

Anderson tried to argue that the fee, which would fund The Women and Gender Advocacy Center $189,600 –– about 80 percent, or $153,278 would go to salaries, –– was student-initiated. Well, Mr. President, if it was student-initiated, then why did it take five hours to pass? We’re going to go with it wasn’t as student-initiated as you claim.

We’d like to thank the senators who raised concerns and took the time to consider the implications of what this annual fee would mean for students across the campus: $4 for a service only about 100 students used last year.

We remember that Anderson and ASCSU Vice President Jennifer Babos said they were against raising student fees when they campaigned last year. The term liar comes to mind.

Using student fees to fulfill the only one among several campaign promises to be completed = epic failure. It won’t be hard for next year’s executives to outdo Anderson and Babos.

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