Apr 182011

The end of the spring semester is near and with that comes one of our favorite events: the Undie Run.

This tradition occurs on the Friday before finals, and the Collegian Editorial Board couldn’t be more excited.

We heard rumors that the organizers wanted to change the even so that it occurs in the daytime. We are relieved to hear that they are not. There are a multitude of people who come in banana hammocks and other such clothing that no one wants to see, much less in daylight.

There was also a rumor that the Undie Run might not happen this year because they couldn’t find an organization to donate the clothing to. We’re happy to hear this is not that case.
Many of us are seniors and it just wouldn’t be right to end the year without participating in the run.

In the meantime, we recommend donating clothing to Homeless Gear; we’ve heard they’re really low on donations.

So live on Undie Run, and we’ll see those of you participating in three weeks. Just remember: No banana hammocks.

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