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Apr 132011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Now that they’ve been elected, the Associated Students of CSU president-elect Eric Berlinberg and vice president-elect Rachel Roberson have started to make good on their campaign promises with their proposed budget for next year’s student government.

The ASCSU Senate passed Berlinberg and Roberson’s budget with a 20-5-2 vote, with the two representing abstentions, Wednesday night.

The Student Fee Review Board endorsed the budget Monday.

One main idea of the budget is including new outreach coordinator paid positions, which will be chosen and held by senators, to create more incentives for senators to reach out to the CSU and Fort Collins community.

“We’re letting Senate make the positions and providing them with the resources to do more outreach,” Berlinberg said. “It’s a really good way to get the Senate out at CSU, and Rachel and I are really excited to see that.”

The RamRide component is also a big focus of the budget.

Berlinberg said he and Roberson have budgeted RamRide more accurately than in years before.
“We’re actually doing a real forecast,” he said. “We’re being smarter with allocating money.”

He said they are documenting expenses that have not been written down in the budget historically and now they’re actually going through the process.

“I’ve never seen that little amount of questions about the ASCSU budget,” he said after the Senate meeting Wednesday.

Sen. Joe Eden said he supported passing the budget.

“The budget has been very well put together and meticulously picked over,” he said. “A lot of time and work has gone into this budget.”

But Sen. Eric Roche voted against passing the budget.

“There’s not enough student participation in voting to make allocating funds legitimate,” he said.

Berlinberg and Roberson’s proposed job descriptions also passed in a 23-0-4 vote.

The main objection to the drafted job descriptions was made by Sen. Ben Weiner.

Berlinberg and Roberson included in their plan to have all paid positions in ASCSU complete a mandatory eight hours of community service for the year in which they are employed.

Weiner said the idea of mandatory volunteering is contradictory. He argued that if the volunteer hours are part of a paid job description, they aren’t legitimate hours.

But Amanda Lau, the campaign manager for the Eric and Rachel campaign, disagreed.

“I would wish that going in to next year we’d really have a servant attitude in cabinet,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely acceptable and appropriate.”

Wendy Bowling, the executive assistant to the vice president, agreed saying the point of ASCSU is to serve students.

“Eight hours is nothing,” she said. “I don’t see why anyone can’t do it.”

Weiner’s motion to remove this requirement from paid positions within ASCSU failed.

Berlinberg and Roberson are currently accepting applications for the chief of staff and director of Finance positions until Friday and will be doing interviews this weekend. But Roberson said they will extend the application period if they find they need a larger pool of applicants after interviewing.

Matt Strauch has been appointed as the transition coordinator.

Students can apply for a position, or multiple positions, within ASCSU beginning today.

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