Apr 112011
Authors: Eric Berlinberg

Hello, fellow CSU Rams. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting Rachel and me throughout the campaign season. As your newly elected student body leaders, we have a big year ahead of us.

We’re charged with the task of representing you in the multitude of committees, boards, policies, decision-making and advocacy efforts over the course of the next 14 months. With more than 26,300 other students on campus, this can pose a challenge at times; yet we are determined to leave a lasting legacy on this campus that student government can effectively represent all types of individuals through some facet. Gone are the days of ASCSU being stagnant and at odds within its own organization.

Rachel and I have a sizeable agenda, and we have already gotten started. Our budget –– a total amount of $1,948,091 –– has been endorsed by the Student Fee Review Board, is heading to the ASCSU Senate and will ultimately be approved by the CSU System Board of Governors in early June.
The ASCSU Senate will hear our proposed job descriptions, and we have begun reaching out to students to apply for positions in cabinet. Rachel, our transition staff and I have been making key decisions on the formation of our organization for the next year, and we are excited to begin working for our constituents.

How can you help? We want to hear what you think. As promised during our campaign, Rachel and I will be making another “student org circuit,” going around to student organizations to speak with them about what we are planning on doing, what ASCSU has to offer and soliciting feedback and input on our proposed administration. We want you to send us your opinions on how we are spending your money. We want to hear if you are interested in applying for a position. We want to know if you don’t think that what we are proposing is effectively representing you as an individual student. Please do read through our materials on the ASCSU website, and e-mail us what you think. I can be directly reached at ASCSU_Pres_Elect@mail.colostate.edu, you can stop in the ASCSU Office or you can leave me a voicemail at 970-491-5931. I promise I will get back to you directly, listen to your comments, answer your questions and help address your concerns.

What’s next? We need you to work in our Cabinet. Rachel and I have a vast range of initiatives that span from programming to representation to advocacy and administrative efforts, and we need a diverse and strong cabinet to achieve all of our goals. Whether you are a political science, business or a human development and family studies major, we have a spot for you, and need you to apply. There are a lot of paid positions, volunteer opportunities and even a few that will help you obtain internship credit for your major. Check out our website for open positions, stop by the ASCSU Office to sign up for an interview and get involved in one of the largest student governments in the United States.

This is going to be a big year in the history of student change on campus, and we are excited to share our progress with the student body as we move in to the next several months. Again, please check out our website, take a look at our open positions and provide your feedback on our administration. We are here to serve you, and thus our year in office should be based around what you want, not what we push as our own personal agendas. Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Berlinberg is the president-elect of ASCSU.

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