Apr 062011
Authors: Ian Hopkins

In “Crysis 2’s” science fiction world of 2023, gas prices are almost $3.50 and an alien plague has infested New York City –– and quite possibly the rest of the planet.

This future might not be too far away since our gas prices are already hitting the $3.50 mark. Pick up a copy of the first-person shooter “Crysis 2” to prepare because this fantastic shooter might be a forewarning for our future.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing “Crysis 2.” It looks like an early front-runner for the Game of 2011 because it has absolutely lifelike visuals in and out of the cut scenes, a flawless musical arrangement and collection of sounds, multiplayer and collectables for a long game lifespan.

The only problem I had was the Playstation 3’s controller –– even that wasn’t a huge issue, though.

Upon starting the campaign, I was greeted with a TV news report of the impending alien infection and –– from what I gathered –– invasion. Then, a simple introduction level started that gave more back-story. Literally all of it was flawless; I forgot I was playing a video game. You must see “Crysis 2” to believe it.

A nice added touch: During the cut scenes and game play, my controller would vibrate at different levels to match various quakes, helicopters flying around and submarines passing by.

Developer Crytek built an even stronger movie-like atmosphere by using great voice actors, lifelike sound effects and a big budget movie quality soundtrack.

The weakest part of the audio in “Crysis 2” was the voice acting. The only problem with it was the slightly awkward feeling in the beginnings to the enemy soldiers’ dialogues. It is disjointed and distracting, but it is easy to ignore.

The overall weakest aspect to “Crysis 2” was its slightly complex controls. I noticed it was easy to occasionally confuse aiming down the sights of my gun with activating my impervious armor or firing instead of activating my cloaking device. The complexities of the armor made things a little confusing, but it should be easy to learn.

Also, the select button has two key features: by holding it down you can open up different gun options, but by clicking select a window for armor abilities opens up. This was another frustrating decision by Crytek.

These small control problems are not anything to deter you from buying “Crysis 2,” though, because they are simple control adjustments from the standard first-person shooter design that take maybe half an hour to learn.

“Crysis 2” has some great features to allow players to customize the play experience.

Guns can have scopes, silencers, laser sights and extended magazines added to them at will.

Plus, the armor the player has can use an invincibility or invisibility power to add to the personalized play experience. Other game play customizations include: armor abilities that are absorbed from killed aliens that grant the player with the ability to see bullet streams in blue streams, upgraded armor powers and other abilities.

Two more features that I wish I could have tried were the 3D capabilities of the game and the multiplayer. I’m not rich enough to own a 3D capable TV, but if you are, definitely give it a try. The multiplayer has all of the typical game modes: death match, capture the flag and holding various locations of maps from an opposing team.

Video game reviewer Ian Hopkins can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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