Apr 062011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Cheers erupted from the Senate Chambers last night after it was announced that Eric Berlinberg and Rachel Roberson won the election for Associated Students of CSU’s president and vice president for next year with 36.1 percent of the students’ votes.

Roberson said it was a great feeling to win the election, and she’s ready to get to work.

“I feel like this was another step we’ve planned out,” she said. “It was a big hill, but not our biggest.”

She said they looked at the election as sort of a hiccup, and she’s ready to get back into their rhythm of work.
“We’re so excited to actually get some real work done,” Berlinberg said.

He said it has been amazing to see people supporting him and Roberson in the election. He said it has been overwhelming but exciting to have so many people coming up to him on the Plaza, sending him text messages and calling him the past few days telling him they voted for him and Roberson.

“It’s very humbling,” he said. “I can’t say how much I appreciate it.”

Roberson said the election is a milestone on many levels. She said she and Berlinberg are the first African American female and Jewish male to not only win the ASCSU presidential election but to even put their names on a ticket.

“It’s big for us. It’s big for the university,” she said. “It’s huge.”

The election had a 22.8 percent voter turnout, a 1.6 percent increase compared to last year. With an extra 2,000 eligible voters than last year there was a total of 24,061 eligible voters, and 5,476 undergraduate and graduate students voted.

ASCSU president Cooper Anderson said he is impressed with the work the Elections Committee has done, and he’s happy about the voter turnout for this year.

The winner for the Forever Green Design was also announced with the presidential election. Cassandra Watson’s design was chosen, and she won a prize of $200. The design received 2,079 votes, or 38 percent, and will be printed on t-shirts and given out by ASCSU next year.

The ASCSU Constitution was also ratified by an 86 percent vote. All but two of the senators who ran for election won their offices. There were only two seats available for the College of Agricultural Sciences, and Jeff Hawthore and Tyler Witter.

Berlinberg and Roberson’s next steps of action are to finalize their documents and meet with student organizations again.
“The number one thing is getting feedback from students,” Berlinberg said.

Amanda Lau, the campaign manager for Berlinberg and Roberson, said they are both so passionate about students, and it has been an honor working with them.

“They’re both such inspiring people. It’s been inspiring every day,” she said. “The student body better be ready, it’s going to be a hell of a year.”

Tim Brogdon said he and his running-mate Mike Montgomery know Berlinberg and Roberson will do a great job.

He said he hopes their 40 initiatives will be completed and that the student body needs to hold them accountable to their promises.

“It’s been an awesome race,” he said. “I wish the best of luck to them.”

Beau Loendorf also wished the winners the best of luck and believes all of the candidates would have done a great job.
“I’m excited to see what ASCSU is going to do next year,” he said.

Chase Eckerdt said he and running-mate Justin Safady want to thank everyone on their team and their supporters.
“We’re obviously disappointed,” Safady said. “But we respect the voting decision of the students.”

“We had a good run, and that’s really what’s important in the end,” Eckerdt said.

ASCSU Beat Reporter Courtney Riley can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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