Apr 052011
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Karen Weitkunat was announced as the mayor of Fort Collins for the 2011-12 year, beating Eric Sutherland and Ross Cunniff. Weitkunat was issued 45.53 percent of the votes.

Lisa Poppaw was declared the city council winner for District 2 over Sue Pawlak. Wade Troxell was declared for District 4 over Kristin Stephens and Gerry Horak, who ran unopposed, for District 6.

The ranked voting ordinance was voted down with a 61.37 percent vote. Both the library park construction and district boundaries ordinances were passed.

Mark Sanson, campaign coordinator for ranked voting, said in a press released that the ranked voting committee will continue to advocate for ranked voting and build momentum.

“The need for ranked voting in Fort Collins is clear, as no mayoral candidate received majority support in this election,” Ranked Voting Campaign Committee Co-Chairs Eric Fried and Seth Athony said in the release. “The majority of voters in this election clearly preferred a candidate other than the final winner.”


Karen Weitkunat: 45.53 percent,
Ross Cunniff: 42.36 percent,
Eric Sutherland: 12.11 percent.

Councilmember District 2

Lisa Poppaw: 53.29 percent,
Sue Pawlak: 46.71 percent.

Councilmember District 4

Wade Troxell: 56.43 percent,
Kristin Stephens: 43.57 percent.

Councilmember District 6

Gerry Horak: 100 percent.

City Initiated Charter Amendment: District Boundaries

Yes: 55.67 percent,
No: 44.33 percent.

Citizen Initiated Ordinance: Ranked Voting

No: 61.37 percent,
Yes: 38.63 percent.

Citizen Initiated Ordinance: Library Park Construction

Yes: 86.64 percent,
No: 13.36 percent.

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