Apr 052011
Authors: Courtney Riley and Andrew Carerra

District 2 – Lisa Poppaw

Lisa Poppaw celebrated her win against Sue Pawlak in the race for city council member of District 2 with a 53.29 percent majority Tuesday night at the Island Grill with friends and family.

Poppaw won 3,048 votes, 376 votes more than Pawlak’s 2,672.

This is Poppaw’s second four-year term as a council member for District 2, and she said it feels just as good as the first time she won this position.

“There’s so much good energy, and it feels so good to have that,” Poppaw said.

She said she wants to keep doing the work city council has been doing.

“I think we’re doing a really good job,” she said. “I want to keep doing things that help make Fort Collins the best place to live in America.”

Some of the main things she wants to focus are economic development, protecting neighborhoods and the environment, promoting the arts and culture of Fort Collins and strengthening the relationship between CSU and the Fort Collins community.

Pawlak said she is not bummed out, and they both ran a good campaign.

She said she plans to run for something in the future, and will continue attending city council meetings and work sessions.

“This gives me two years to prepare for whatever the next opportunity is,” she said.

District 4 – Wade Troxell

CSU’s Associate Dean of the College of Engineering Wade Troxell was successfully reelected to Fort Collins’s city council, defeating challenger Kristin Stephens for the right to represent the area’s fourth district.

Troxell won by 56 percent of the 5,200 ballots cast –– a result he credits to focusing on concerns relevant to residents.

“We ran a good campaign,” he said. “We focused on issues that mattered to Fort Collins, and a lot of that is really citizen centered priorities that serve the citizens and not city council.”

Citing his status as a second generation CSU faculty member and city council member, members of Troxell’s family stressed that his position on Fort Collins issues is student-friendly.

His son and CSU junior, Graeme Troxell, said his father “has really advocated bringing CSU into the community,” citing work with Associated Students of CSU Community Affairs Director Chase Eckerdt as an example.

Losing by a significant margin surprised Stephens’s campaign manager, Jacob Beckland, who said his candidate seemed the popular choice for Fort Collins voters because she campaigned on working well with others on city council.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened,” he said. “I’m still proud of the campaign we ran, I’m proud of the message Kristin brought.”

Stephens declined to comment on her loss.

ASCSU Beat Reporter Courtney Riley and Senior Reporter Andrew Carerra can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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