Apr 042011
Authors: Anna Baldwin

After working as KCSU’s Station Manager since May 2010, Dylan Wray resigned from his position last Thursday afternoon due to personal reasons.

He resigned with a letter given to Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation President Larry Steward.
At 3:30 p.m. the same day, Promotions Director Addie McComb took over the responsibilities of the station manager until the end of the school year.

McComb said his resignation was both a surprise and not, stating that this was just a natural progression of the station.
Michael Sakas, who was selected for next year’s station manager in December 2010, will take the position during finals week in May.

Wray, a junior communications major, told the Collegian his resignation was due to personal reasons and he had known “for a few days” beforehand that he needed to take this action.

“We’re the exact same station. Everyone is stepping up,” McComb said, adding that listeners will not notice any differences.
Wray’s contributions to the station included helping to bring the DJ’s and staff together better as a community, McComb said. One way he did this was by encouraging monthly staff dinners, she said.

Another influence Wray had on the station was by representing the local music scene better, and especially with the increased involvement with FocoMX, McComb said.

“We’re just trying to keep everything running smoothly until the end of the year when Michael will take over,” McComb said.

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