Mar 302011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Beau Loendorf and Kevin Winn, Associated Students of CSU presidential and vice presidential candidates, believe it is their job to start growing seeds that have already been planted in the organization to build a better student government.

“When you grow a plant, it’s not something that’s instantaneous,” Winn, a sophomore communication studies major, said. “You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. The outcome takes a lot of time.”

Loendorf, an undeclared sophomore, said every year candidates include drastic changes on their platforms but that, in the end, they aren’t able to meet the goals they had set.

“The main thing that sets us apart is that a lot of groups have been trying to take really radical movements, which is the same kind of trend every year,” he said. “They have big pie-in-the-sky ideas, which are great, but they never get done.”

Winn said he and Loendorf want to take things from past administrations that worked well, make changes on what didn’t work as well and build on that foundation for the next group.

“We need to start that cycle so it’s not an in-and-out,one year of mayhem where nothing gets done,” he said.

The duo plans to work with the budget they have and reallocate funds by cutting upper management budgets to create more positions within ASCSU.

“We don’t need a new system,” Loendorf said. “We’re fixing what we have and growing it to become better.”

Students can expect changes to be made within the first few months of the next academic year if he and Winn are elected, he said.

“With the research that’s been done and connections already made, I find it really hard not to be able to get our initiatives done,” Loendorf said.

Loendorf served as a senator last year and is now the director of Student Services. He is also the president of the fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi, the vice president for the Residence Hall Association and serves part-time on the Association for Student Activity and Programming’s special events committee.

Winn works under Loendorf in the department of Student Services, is also a member of Alpha Sigma Phi and represents the fraternity in the Inter-fraternity Council. He was involved in key community last year and was a leader in the rally for higher education.

“We share the same goals very strongly, but we have very different ways of getting there,” Winn said. “We’re such good friends that we have a really good dialogue.”

Another aspect of their campaign that sets them apart, Winn said, is their plan to address the 20 percent tuition hike projected for next year.

Winn said they have already talked to legislators, including Sen. Brandon Shaffer, who serves as the president of the Colorado State Senate.

“He honestly told us that so far we’ve been very formal, and most of the senators don’t really care about that,” he said. “They want to see that grassroots student movement again.”

Loendorf said the most important aspects for ASCSU to focus on are education, outreach and school spirit.

“We’re the only campaign that actually cares about outreaching to other groups,” Loendorf said.

Winn said the conversation between the student body and him and Loendorf, if elected, should never stop.

“You should always have input,” he said. “It’s not just a one-time, ‘here we are,’ it’s year-round.”

Loendorf also emphasized he and Winn are the only two sophomores running, as well as the only two candidates involved in Greek Life.

The fact that the duo will still be attending CSU after their terms, if elected, gives them an incentive to do well, Winn said.

“We’re setting up our futures,” Loendorf said. “Our goals are what we want to see continue, not just for this year but for years to come.”

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