WTF Oxford Dictionary?

Mar 292011

Gone r the dayz of Shkspear and Chrls Dickns. Lang is now in a nu age: the age of the web, as evidenced by the inclusion of WTF, BFF and LOL n the Oxfrd Englsh Dictionary this year.

Wat iz next? Vowels rn’t necessary ne-more bc dey r 2 hard 2 type on Twitter and we don have the space. Lots of wordz can be abbrev and ppl still will no wat were sayin. Books and newspapers r 2 long and R dyin r 2day’s genration.

If it can’t b texted fast, it izn’t worth sayin.

Dis gen iz pwning the bygone era of the English lang. Cmmication izn’t bout art; it’s bout efficiency, speed and clarity. Lang 2day is bout lookin good on a small screen, not bout readin it or thinkin it.

In 2days age, we R all publishd riters and we all hav sumthin 2 say. We have FB and Twitter, and we there4 think ppl other than r BFFs care bout r lives. There iz no need 2 b special. We all r and we all can rite wat we think wen we think it, and it matters to sum1, sumwhere.

Justin Bieber’s Twitter iz r nu Chrls Dickns. Shkspear needed good lang bc he needed 2 stand out as a riter. We don.

Sum say the English lang iz deteriorating. Sum say the web iz killin wordz and communication.

2 an xtent, it iz. But, more ppl also have access than eva b4 2 words and 2 read the words of past gnrations. We hav more access 2 the wrld than eva b4, and have more access to eachotha 2 communicate than eva b4.

So, ironically, as we lose some aspects that make the English language beautiful and unique, we are, by the same token, gaining an even greater opportunity to participate in universal dialogue.

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