President to justify lunacy

Mar 282011

The current Oval Office occupant –– to whom I intentionally do not refer by name –– staged Monday a repeat of 2008. He stepped out in front of the cameras, as he did three years ago, and told us why the bowl of crap –– his misguided decision to intervene in Libya –– he’s feeding us is not only necessary, but delicious and nutritious.

For reasons beyond comprehension, Americans of both left and right leanings will gladly drink the venomous poison he spewed.

The 2008 primaries revealed two members of the House of Representatives whose views contradicted those of their party in several key areas. Texas Republican Ron Paul and Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich both received the derision of their parties and essentially received nonchalant dismissals from the limelight shared by the garrulous whores they dared to oppose.

I find little value in Kucinich’s domestic agenda –– he wants an expansion of federal benefits and is the closest to representing true socialism from the Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, not withstanding.

FoxNews blacklisted Ron Paul from the primaries after he made the accurate statement at the South Carolina debate that U.S. foreign policy contributed to the animosity leading to the attacks of 9/11, oh yeah, he handily won the viewer poll. Rudy Giuliani was, shall we say, apoplectic at Paul’s comments. You can see the exchange on YouTube.

Paul and Kucinich both understand the toxic emotions and
perceptions bred by interventionist foreign policy, Zero does not. But this is to be expected, he doesn’t understand much other than how to read the teleprompter, how to fill out his NCAA Tournament Bracket and how to campaign for election.
The fact is the U.S. military does not exist to enforce the foreign policy ideals of the sitting U.S. president. It exists to support and defend the Constitution first and foremost, in executing those duties they pledge to follow the orders of the elected civilian leadership.

The orders must still be in line with the Constitution if we have any hope of preserving any form of legitimacy home and abroad. In light of the destruction of the dollar carried out by the Federal Reserve, this becomes even more important.
Regardless of the outcome in Libya, whether intervention stabilizes the region, a new democratic Libyan government takes root and peace and happiness flow until the end of time, it is profoundly idiotic to intervene in a civil war in a Middle Eastern nation.

I constantly find myself amazed how delusional D.C. politicians have become with the facts of history. I would love to believe it is done out of ignorance, but the far more nefarious truth of the matter is they simply choose to ignore facts when inconvenient for their agenda.

Since when is the U.S. military under U.N. command? Why would we intervene in Libya when Japan is far more in need of aid?
According to some reports, Al Qaeda fighters have joined with the very Libyan rebels Zero determined were in need of our help. Give him credit for efficiency, every other interventionist president in the last 60 years has armed lunatics we didn’t have to deal with until 20 years down the road, this blowhard is going to make it real time. Great, we are now directly supporting … wait for it … the same people we are fighting. Talk about diplomacy. War: It’s FANtastic!
The election of 2008 revealed only a 2 percent advantage for Zero over Old Man River. This with the Republican nominating Caribou Barbie for his running mate, Zero outspending his opponent 3:1 and the largest voting participation for the youngest group of voters in history.

This person is a shell, in a formal debate Kucinich and Paul would destroy him.

He seduced many of you with his hollow rhetoric, somewhat effective oratory skills and using your total ignorance of his character.

But there he remains, prattling on utterly oblivious to the potential consequences of his eventual decisions.

Crap, it’s what’s for dinner.

Seth J. Stern is a senior journalism and sociology major. His column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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