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Mar 282011
Authors: Sarah Banes

Parents have always told us why we should do things: We shouldn’t hit people because it’s not nice, we should go to college so we can get a job and we should get a job so we can support ourselves.

In response, our generation has developed the idea that there should be a reason why we do things: there needs to be passion.

And because of this, the SLiCE program and REAL Experience sponsored a workshop Monday night in The Lory Student Center that was designed to create new awareness and understanding of what many students experience: the quarterlife crisis.

The quarterlife crisis is a period of anxiety, uncertainty and inner turmoil that often accompanies the transition into adulthood, when students realize that after college they don’t have a set schedule anymore.

Stephanie Moreira, the coordinator for Residence Life, delved into why the millennials generation are the only group experiencing this widespread calamity.

“Our parents are the ones who worked to provide. The millennial generation just wants to do what they love while still providing” Moreira said, adding that this is when most students start to experience their quarterlife crisis.

Moreira engaged the small group of students by asking about their majors and what they are most enthusiastic about.

The students responded with passions such as women’s health, art and social work.

“It took me four years to figure out what I wanted to do. I realized that I just want to help animals,” said Gillian Ruderman, a senior biomedical sciences major graduating in the fall.

Anupama Mehrotra, the REAL Experience Student coordinator noticed that the participating students share a similar goal.
“In order to make any type of global or social change, we have to first know ourselves,” Mehrotra said.

Moreira spoke about how being undeclared can be a great thing because it is easy to really explore interests and strengths.
“No matter what you’re told, you have to go through it on your own and choose what you love. You need to look for the positives,” Ruder man said.

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