Mar 272011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Tim Brogdon and Mike Montgomery view student government as a road to the future with some potholes along the way that need to be patched over.

“There are small things we could fix that would help the future of [Associated Students of CSU] and CSU,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon, a junior political science major, is running for president of ASCSU with Montgomery, also a junior political science major, as his running-mate for vice president.

The two friends have known each other since their freshmen year and make a good pair because they trust each other, Montgomery said.

When Brogdon decided he wanted to run for ASCSU president, he asked professors and staff on campus for advice on who to run with.

“They said to pick someone you trust and who can be your right-hand man,” he said.
Both Brogdon and Montgomery have served as assistant directors of legislative affairs, and Brogdon was the assistant director of RamRide last year.

“It’s been a year of learning experiences,” Montgomery said. “We joined [ASCSU] to learn as much as possible.”

Their platform came from wanting to restructure ASCSU because they knew there were things they could change.

“Our main goal is to let people know what [ASCSU] is and make them care,” Brogdon said.
Montgomery said one of their focuses is to try to affect as many students as possible and get the organization more involved with students.

“We want to implement things almost the entire population of CSU can use,” he said. “We need to get the organization out there.”

Brogdon said some problems he’s seen within the current system of the organization is that positions are going unfulfilled, job descriptions are not being met, programs are not implemented and budgets are not getting fully used.

“We need to start having a hierarchy where accountability starts from the top down,” Montgomery said.

“It’s about setting aside our personal views for the good of CSU students as a whole,” Brogdon said. “We need to focus on what we’re trying to achieve as a university.”
He said the initiatives on their platform are realistic because they have found ways to reallocate funds.

He said they know the projected amount of money coming in, and with their plans to cut and add positions, they have found enough money to refrain from increasing funds.
Montgomery said they have spoken with resources, such as student organizations and professors, about their initiatives as well.

When asked what they would do if any of their initiatives were to fail or become unrealistic, Brogdon said he understands and thinks it’s important to recognize they will face failure.

“Sometimes you have to let things fail,” Montgomery said. “You can’t shoot 100 percent.”
He said sometimes it takes a while for certain initiatives to play out and become a success.
He used the example of Katie Clausen, the ASCSU president in 2004, who started the idea of helping people with getting a rock-climbing wall on campus, which was completed in the spring of 2010.

Brogdon related this specifically to their vision of long-term goals on their platform, especially the technology aspect, which includes increasing WiFi on campus and implementing an all-inclusive app relating to anything CSU for Smartphones.

“Our responsibility is to start the process,” he said. “It’s about us getting the ball rolling and keeping the ball rolling.”

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