Mar 222011
Authors: Shane Rohleder

I have decided that spring break is detrimental to my academic well-being.

Usually, I don’t travel over spring break. I take the time to push the reset button on the game of life. I invite a good sunburn, a long relaxing walk and a few lazy afternoons outside with the bees.

There was one spring break however, in 2005, when I traveled to Pueblo with a friend. We heard there were scorpions in Pueblo. We had never seen scorpions before and he had a ’75 Chevy Blazer and a full tank of gas, so we went.

On this spring break there was an engine malfunction that led to an engine breakdown. Fortunately, there was some luck and an engine recovery. In Pueblo at about 6 p.m. –– eight hours after we started our journey from Denver –– there was illegal fishing, there was illegal gathering of firewood, there was illegal camping, there was a park ranger, there was a spotlight search in the forest and, surprisingly, there was no ticket.

There was no ticket because there was a monsoon. During the monsoon, there was slanted rain, there was a very poorly pitched tent and in the end, there were two boys inside two soaking sleeping bags crying for mommy. There were absolutely no scorpions.

After this trip, staying home for spring break became my new credo.

In 2006, I did stay home for spring break, which at the time was Juneau, AK.

This year, there was a drive into the Alaskan wilderness and, there were single digit temperatures and heavy snow. There was a borrowed row boat and a camping destination: an island about a mile off the mainland.

In the end, there were four men inside a row boat with a hole in it and there was a piece of wood plugging the hole. Soon, however, there was freezing cold ocean water, ankle deep inside the row boat. Luckily, however, there was no tipping, and, by nightfall, there were four men under a hand-built lean-to happily eating beans next to a fire.

In 2010 I spent a special day of spring break –– St. Patrick’s Day –– in Boulder, Colo.

There were dancing street hooligans, then drunken shenanigans coupled with dirty dancing. Then, there was an awkward run-in with a person who I hadn’t seen in fifteen years who wouldn’t leave and, in the end, there was a fumble and stumble to a buddy’s house and a long hard sleep.

Again, this year, I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Boulder. There was waiting, driving, eating, convening and a double shot of Raspberry Vodka. There was a bar with a dark beer, another bar with a Car Bomb and another bar with a beer. Then, there was a beer, a beer, a beer, a bloody nose, a mosh pit, a very funny drunk friend, a dizzy drive to drop the funny friend off and again a long hard sleep in the fetal position on a tiny couch at a buddy’s house.

This week I tried to type a reading response for my Contemporary Issues in the Media class. There was reading, there was typing, there was deleting, there was a sigh, there was an opening of my music downloader and some downloading. There was absolutely no paper typed.

By Thursday, I have to type a five page paper for my Applying Deliberative Techniques class. I imagine there will be some late nights, there will be some tears and, eventually, there will be a paper.

Spring breaks past have been great, for me, and I hope for you. Now that it’s over there will probably be some C’s, there will probably be some D’s, but, in the end, there will be some very, very good memories.

Shane Rohleder is a senior communication studies major. His column appears Wednesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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