Mar 212011
Authors: Allison Sylte

The sun is shining, the temperature is getting warmer and people in brightly colored T-shirts are canvassing in the Plaza. This can only mean one thing: student government election season is upon CSU.

“It’s been super awesome so far,” said Mike Montgomery, a vice presidential candidate and current Associated Students of CSU assistant director of Legislative Affairs. “We’re just trying to speak to and reach as many people as possible.”

Eight a.m. Monday morning marked the official start of ASCSU election season as all four of the presidential and vice-presidential campaigns set up booths in the Plaza as their campaign volunteers handed out literature and answered questions from the student body.

The campaigning period will last for two weeks, with students having the opportunity to vote from April 4 through 6.

“It’s been good so far, the weather’s been nice and surprisingly, a lot of students have come to talk to us,” said Dominic Lajoie, the campaign manager for Beau Loendorf and Kevin Winn, whose campaign was distinguished by bright green T-shirts.
ASCSU is responsible for overseeing $31 million in student fees, serving as a liaison between the student body and off-campus entities and sponsoring multiple campus events and services throughout the year, including RamRide and the annual Forever Green T-shirts.

Candidates announced their intention to run in a campus-wide e-mail on March 11. Whoever is elected is set to replace current ASCSU President Cooper Anderson and Vice President Jennifer Babos.

Last year, only 4,779 students, or 21.6 percent, of the student body ultimately cast votes in the election.

“We’re just ready to be friendly, to get talking to people and to show them our action plan,” said Becky Ewing, a sophomore chemistry major and a campaign volunteer for the Eric Berlinberg and Rachel Roberson campaign.

Berlinberg and Roberson’s campaign was set apart by its use of multiple pieces of plywood with various phrases written on them, a tactic that Ewing said was successful in attracting the attention of passing students.

“It’s been stressful, and we’ve had quite a bit of ups and downs getting it started,” said presidential candidate and ASCSU Director of Community Affairs Chase Eckerdt. “We have high hopes and our campaign staff does too.”

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