Mar 202011
Authors: Andrew Carrera

Starting today, eight people will battle for the two top spots in student government.

After candidates announced their intent to run last Friday in a campus-wide e-mail, come early April, students will be able to choose between four sets of candidates running to be CSU’s next student government president and vice president.

Associated Students of CSU elections will take place from April 4 to 6 after students hear from candidates and learn of their platform promises in a two-week campaign that started this morning.

ASCSU oversees $31 million in student fees, represents the university off-campus and decides whether or not to fund events, like the annual American Indian Science and Engineering Society Pow Wow, among other responsibilities.

Those running are:

  • (P) Beau Loendorf –– ASCSU Director of Student Services
  • (VP) Kevin Winn –– ASCSU Assistant Director of Student Services
    “All the candidates are qualified and any of them would do a fantastic job in office next year.” –– Beau Loendorf
  • (P) Tim Brogdon –– ASCSU Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs
  • (VP) Michael Montgomery –– ASCSU Assistant Director of
    Legislative Affairs
    “We’re looking forward to getting things done and making sure people know our name.” –– Tim Brogdon
  • (P) Eric Berlinberg –– ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff
  • (VP) Rachel Roberson –– ASCSU Recruitment Coordinator
    “We look forward to a revolutionary campaign season in which we will have the opportunity to share our platform initiatives and ways that we are going to change Colorado State University.” –– Eric Berlinberg
  • (P) Chase Eckerdt –– ASCSU Director of Community Affairs
  • (VP) Justin Safady –– ASCSU Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs
    “We’re really excited to be part of it. We’re just looking forward to getting it rolling.” –– Chase Eckerdt

ASCSU campaign seasons include two debates among candidates about issues affecting students; one involves an open question and answer session. A structure of election rules, created by student government, defines what is considered fair campaigning. The ASCSU Elections Committee hears complaints filed against candidates, and determines if they are legitimate and what their appropriate punishments should be.

Last year, the presidential campaign of Dave Ambrose and April Ragland was expelled from the race after the Elections Committee ruled they exceeded their $2,000 spending limit by mailing literature to dorms promoting their candidacy.

Students also announced their intent to run to represent their colleges in student government as senators. The College of Agriculture has two seats in the Senate but has challengers for the positions. Those individuals are:

  • Alex Kappert, junior
  • Tyler Witter, sophomore
  • Jon M. Brammer, senior
  • Jeff Hawthorne, sophomore

All other senate races are uncontested.

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