Knitting for change

Mar 082011
Authors: Vashti Batjargal

Lyndsay Lack was posed with the question: Given unlimited resources, what’s one thing that you would change about the world?

When ruminating about this question at CSU’s Leadershape conference, Lack made it a goal to “do everything in life intentionally, with a purpose.”
Lack took what she knew –– knitting and her passion for homeless people –– and turned it into the student organization Close Knit, which brings people together to knit hats for non-profit groups.

The handmade hats tell people “We’re thinking of you, you are not forgotten,” Lack said.

Laughter permeated the Sunken Lounge on Tuesday as nine students filled the two couches and the floor for their weekly Close Knit meeting.
“Take the loop in this finger and pull it over –– oh, that’s not right,” said Lisa Tabor, a sophomore zoology major.

Tabor taught Rachael Schrader, a junior human development and family studies major, the initial steps to knitting and casting on.
“I did it? I did it!” Schrader said.

The hats Schrader and her fellow students were knitting will be hand-delivered to Columbia by Julianna Valez, a senior communications major. Valez is from Columbia and is partnered with Close Knit.

Velez’s family volunteers with a non-profit organization that’s working toward diminishing child poverty in Bogota, Colombia.

The Columbian non-profit will be the second organization that Close Knit has worked with since the creation of the group in August. Crossroads Safehouse was the first non-profit organization the group donated knitted hats to.

“When you bring together people who want to make a change really beautiful things happen,” Lack said.

The Close Knit group fluctuates from nine to 14 members week to week and provides knitting material and instruction for incoming students stopping by.

Many of the members took a hobby they had already picked up and are using their skills to make an impact on their community.

“It’s taking away the barriers between the privileged and the non-privileged; there shouldn’t be (any barriers),” said Lack, when describing her passion and work for homeless people. “But that’s just me.”

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