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Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

By Anna Baldwin

I watch Eugene read a text from his girlfriend. He then sets down his phone to continue typing on his computer.

That’s the exact moment I know, as we sit down together to write our column, that this isn’t going to be pretty.

He can’t even immediately reply to a text that he’s already read?

Minutes are passing. She’s waiting for a response somewhere, and it’s killing me that she isn’t going to get one right away. She’s probably in agony somewhere too.

He thinks his delayed response is no big deal, but to women, it determines our mood for the day and answers the question of whether you decide to stay over with them that night.

I can attribute this to the fact that he’s a guy and I’m definitely not.

Yes, I will acknowledge that this is a complex issue. Maybe something small that will piss me off won’t make a different woman upset. The only answer I have to this is that­­ the most extreme things that all guys can do make all women mad.

But, I know more research and observation is necessary to complete this complicated puzzle. Just what can men do that will make us, the women, the most mad almost on a daily basis?

This first observation is a good start, but I’m in need of more answers.

One girl, for example, said that if her boyfriend ever left her at a bar, even if he was completely drunk, then she would be less than pleased.

Another girl I talked to said it makes her mad when guys, not even just her boyfriend, obviously stare at her boobs in public. She says there’s absolutely no justification for this. I agree. I’m sure Eugene has no comment.

Another good answer? If a guy is an obnoxious and embarrassing drunk while out on the town.
However, the guys I talked to agreed that debauchery in public is not cool.

At the same time, guys also told me, “What doesn’t piss off girls?” Hmm.

So, now, after two days of enlightenment, I can definitely say that men and women might as well be two different species.

By Eugene Daniels

Okay first off, Anna isn’t lying. I did hold off (not ignore) the text message from my girlfriend. Do I feel bad about it?


You know why? Because I was WORKING! You know that thing people do to better their career? Yeah and it has absolutely nothing to do with how much I care for my girlfriend.

It’s clear that Anna is going to end up sad, lonely and unsatisfied. Yeah I said it and I mean it. Because if she takes a held off text as a mood changer, she and all of you girls who take her advice are going to be some lonely ass cat ladies! Even though Anna likes dogs.

Ladies, let’s remember that a texting situation does not always mean a cheating situation. Without trust in the relationship, there isn’t one.

And by the way ladies, there is some b.s. you do to make us want to strap you to a rocket and shoot you to Alaska (so you can see Russia from your house, of course).

A friend of mine said his biggest issue with your actions is you being untrustworthy. If you’re dating a guy and you feel you can’t trust him… end it. Don’t waste our time or yours. Life’s too short.

A random guy on the plaza (who was a little strange anyway) said he hates it when ladies read too much into stuff. (He’s clearly dating Anna). If we don’t call you back within 15.2 seconds, you want to know “who is that chick!?”

If we answer with one-word texts, we are obviously laying next to a skank. Not always true.
The one I got the most was similar to one Anna got, sloppy drunks. Ladies, I am not meant to be holding your hair while you vomit.

That’s for your sorority sister.

If you can’t handle that tequila shot, drink a glass of wine. It’s classier and is prettier when it comes out as vomit –– anyone agree with that?

So ladies, stop being sensitive, and distrustful and you won’t end up as bitter as Anna.
Oh and I do have a comment about the boob thing –– if you ladies didn’t want us very classy and chivalrous gentlemen looking at them, don’t wear a tank top to class, wear a damn turtleneck!

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major, and Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. Mars vs. Venus appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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