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Mar 072011
Authors: Allison Knaus

Students can expect both inconveniences and benefits from the construction of the Morgan Library.
The Morgan Library addition construction, which begins this week, will feature an interior renovation throughout the entire building and a 4,000 square-foot addition to the north side of the current building to accommodate the needs for additional student seating.

This week, a fence will be put up near the current entrance, moving it to the east side.

Multiple warning signs cover bicycle racks advising students to move bikes before March 11, after which they will be impounded by the CSU Police Department. Bicycle racks outside the main entrance of the library will be moved during the building process to the west side of the Clark B-Wing.

In the meantime, students are advised to use the bike racks on University Avenue or Isotope Drive.
Third-floor renovation went underway this month and this May, a remodel of the collaboratory –– a large common area providing additional student seating –– will be revealed.

The project has students as its main focus to find ways to better fit a growing university, according to Jim Stoddard, CSU’s project manager for the library renovation.

“The renovation will open up more computer activity and improve students’ quality of work. With the new addition, students can see and be seen,” Stoddard said.

The two-story addition will be primarily glass and be open 24 hours a day.

Prior to the addition, students can expect to see an upgrade in library facilities, furniture and mechanical and electrical services.

With the full renovation planning to be finished and be ready for student access in fall 2012, students can look forward to the new café, Morgan’s Grind, opening after spring break.

The renovation is a $16.4 million project funded by investment bonds sold on Wall Street. These bonds are backed by the $15 per-credit-hour paid each semester to the student facilities fee.
Sources of revenue for building projects on campus depend on the project, but always have students in mind, said Bob Osika, the treasurer for the CSU System Board of Governor’s.

If a construction project on campus has academic goals in mind and will benefit students, student fees are used for funding of the project, Osika said.

With construction beginning shortly, students can expect inconveniences in normally quiet areas.

“Noise will be a factor for students studying, but we’ll try to keep it down as much as possible,” Stoddard said.

Library employee and CSU student Tiffany Ly, who works in the Inter-Library Loan Department, said she has mixed emotions about the upcoming projects.

Ly, whose opinions do not reflect that of library administration, said she’s looking forward to the additional seating but wonders if the building process will push students away from using the library.

“It’s an inconvenience when you’re looking for a book and have no idea where its been moved to,” Ly said.

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