Mar 072011
Authors: Brittany Lancaster

Students walking through the plaza Monday afternoon were probably confused as one student after another stood up and struck a pose as part of a flash mob.

Members of the Campus Crusaders for Christ organized the flash mob to kick off Justice Week at CSU to raise awareness for human trafficking and sex slavery. The mob performed twice at around 11:53 a.m. and 1:53 p.m.

Each member appeared to be just another student making their way across campus but demonstrated their unity as the twenty members stood still on the plaza, displaying signs in the midst of a variety of frozen body movements.

The signs consisted of bold statements such as, “12-14 perfect age for a prostitute” and “Mexico To Denver route for sex trafficking.”

Like the flash mob demonstrated in the TV series Modern Family, the display on campus yesterday was to grab attention but rather than entertain, the intentions were to aware.

CSU freshman Matt Dishman and member of CRU said his faith played a major role in his involvement in the flash mob.

“It’s a fun and interesting way to make people aware of human trafficking. As students we’re doing as much as we can to help end sex slavery, and awareness is a key start for that,” Dishman said.
CRU works with other groups on social justice projects throughout the year, such as Homeless Gear, according to Dishman.

Freshman member of CRU Jory Bayne said that although he was unable to participate in the flash mob, he supported the event and it’s objective.

“The week of events is to bring justice to places with injustice like Southeast Asia and India, and to help organizations like IJM (International Justice Mission),” Bayne said. “As a student ministry, CRU’s mission is to provide a fellowship with other students in Christ … (it’s) a way to get involved in things like Justice Week.”

Justice Week is sponsored by IJM and CRU and welcomes all students and faculty members to take a step in helping end human trafficking and sex slavery by working to become aware of injustices at home and around the world. For more information, visit

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