Letter to the Editor

Mar 062011

Fort Collins Cat Rescue was appalled to see the blatant endorsement of animal cruelty published on the front page of the March 1 edition of The Rocky Mountain Collegian in The Strip Club sidebar.

The fact that it was attributed to the entire newspaper staff is even more discouraging.

The staff members of Fort Collins Cat Rescue have dedicated their lives to helping provide the best opportunity of life to homeless and unwanted cats. We spend a great deal of our energy and resources rescuing and rehabilitating cats who have suffered at the hands of individuals just like those who authored this callous and debased attempt at satire. The last thing the animal welfare community needs is a front-page how-to guide for college students on performing inhumane acts on weak and powerless creatures.

Fort Collins Cat Rescue implores the Collegian staff to take responsibility for its journalistic egregiousness. We challenge you to use the written word to champion the worthy and humane cause of preventing animal cruelty and neglect and to denounce any such “pranks” or acts of harassment against cats.

_Sarah Swanty
Executive Director of the Fort Collins Cat Rescue_

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Mar 062011

Dear Madeline,

I found the Strip Club article on cats extremely disturbing. It is bad enough to think so lowly of another living being that one would cause it pain and discomfort in the name of entertainment, but to openly encourage animal abuse is shocking and perverse. To hear this message through the voice of an institute of higher learning, particularly one so focused on the study of agriculture in which animal interaction is central, makes me question the integrity of the institution and of the practices being taught. I realize that the minds of those who would write something like this cannot be easily changed, however I ask you to ensure that nothing like this is ever published in the Collegian again.

Thank you,

Ian Hamilton

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