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Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

Just what is it that makes women decide if there will be an exchange of phone numbers? A second date, or even a first?

Is it the fact that he has cigarette-stained teeth or too long of hair? Or whether or not he has good taste in clothes? Or how often he talks to his mother each day?
Essentially, women analyze the little details against personality. For women, this is not new.

We’d all like to think women date men based upon personality and that personality ultimately is the deciding factor for a potential relationship. Interestingly enough, it’s the little, mundane things that will keep women away forever because these are the things that stick in your head –– like the sound of him tapping his fingers constantly or saying the word “bro.”
By Anna Baldwin

Guys, I think you would be surprised with the long list of citations you probably don’t even notice, which are keeping you home on the couch instead of next to a girl at a restaurant or movie. I was surprised too.

A junior biological science major told me she is annoyed if a guy uses incorrect spelling or grammar in text messages or on Facebook.

Another turnoff that I heard from a senior psychology major was if a guy wore Ed Hardy. I laughed pretty good after this one.

I was told several other hilarious answers, as well. Two sisters I talked to on the plaza said that if a guy wanted to date both of them, then that would not be desirable. Hear that, guys? Family members are off limits.

Another girl said that hairy chests are where she draws the line. Her friend said that she wouldn’t even consider a smelly guy.

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major>

By Eugene Daniels

There are tons of things that attract us men to you beautiful ladies. Whether it’s the way you carry yourself or maybe it’s how you take care of yourself. But whether you have all of those qualities, there are definitely some things that are deal-breakers.

First, we men do like our ladies to look presentable when in public, but too much damn make-up or too much tanning is a no-no! No one wants to date an oompa-loompa (is this Willy Wonka? Hell no! Get your crazy ass out of the tanning booth!).

Too much make-up should be the most obvious. You shouldn’t go from looking like Beyoncé to Rosie O’Donnell in one swoop of a washcloth. Caked-on shouldn’t apply to your face. Be liberal or be single.

Women who are constantly hard on themselves: “Am I too fat?” “Is she cuter than me?” No one wants to hear that bull! Like my friend Katt Williams would say ––It’s called self-esteem; esteem of yourself! Stop looking for your boyfriend to validate you.

We’re not shrinks and if I’m dating you, clearly I like you so stop asking me if I do. It’s irritating and you’ll probably be single very soon. You know who you are.
Next, close-minded women are a pain. And I’m not talking about sexually, you damn perverts. I’m talking about girls whose standards are too high. All women are beautiful in their own way, but when no guys are good enough for you, lower your standards because clearly you don’t meet your own.

Is that mean? Well I’m trying to care but nope, it’s a no go. Close-mindedness is not attractive. Get over it because if you think you’re too good, you’re probably not.

Speaking of girls who think they are too good, girls who have a big ego are not sexy. It’s okay to be confident but when you start thinking your’rebetter than anyone other girl in the plaza, it’s a complete turnoff. Most of the conceited women are only half as good looking as they think. They have entirely too much self-esteem.

Women and men alike can all benefit from some self-confidence and at the same time, a little humility.

Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. Mars vs. Venus appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

Occasionally, I received several answers about how insecure, inconsiderate or egocentric guys are undesirable ­­–– but this was usually coupled with another of the previous turnoffs.

At the end of the day, not surprisingly, it was always personality traits that takes a back seat. Men, being smelly, the number one turnoff, is an easy fix. How about you go take a shower.

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