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Authors: Keeley Blakley

One campus organization has made it a goal to breed a culture of student leaders this semester.

The office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement, SLiCE, will offer more than 50 workshops presented on variety of topics ranging from study habits to joining the Peace Corps. These programs are a part of Rams Engaging in Active Leadership, REAL, a series of workshops offered through the SLiCE office.

Each workshop is between 30 minutes and two-hours long and can be used to earn a REAL certification, which shows that a student is a SLiCE-certified leader.

Students can choose to attend one workshop or earn all of the four levels of REAL certification, which are in leadership foundations, leadership skills, interest areas and a final certification.

According to Paul Ronto, graduate leadership coordinator of SLiCE, the goal of these workshops is to produce students who are more civically engaged, can think critically and be effective leaders.

REAL offers many new workshops this semester for students to choose from, such as Test Anxiety and Quarterlife Crisis.

The CSU Health Network and the Institute for Learning and Teaching, TILT, collaborated on a new test anxiety workshop this semester that will teach participants to learn how to relax before tests. One method students will learn is based on Emotional Freedom Techniques, an acupuncture-based system without the needles.

Quarterlife Crisis, which is presented by Housing and Dining Services, will help graduating students address the challenges of moving on after college, according to the workshop description.

Heather Landers, director of learning programs for TILT, said having more options for workshops helps students determine where their strengths are and where they need to develop skills.

SLiCE has been providing workshops since fall of 2008.

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