Work hard, focus ASCSU

Sep 012010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Associated Students of CSU is back in session, as of its first Senate meeting Wednesday night.

Too few students recognize the impact ASCSU has on the CSU community or even realize that student senators serve as their campus government representatives.

In past years, ASCSU has been a strong advocate for the student body both on campus and in the Fort Collins community. This year needs to be no exception.

First and foremost, student government needs to continue to connect with and involve a greater number and variety of students. That means reaching out to more student organizations, reaching out to the Average Joe on the Plaza, collecting student opinion and committing to increase diverse voices in ASCSU.

Second, student government needs to keep pushing for a voice on the CSU System Board of Governors. Refusing to give students a voting member on its own governing board is unjust and limits student’s ability to affect change on their own campus. The fight for a voting member has gone on for years now and there may be no end in sight, but good things come to those who keep fighting.

Third, ASCSU needs to be transparent and accountable to its constituents. At times, ASCSU has attempted to operate out of sight of the media by restricting its access to meetings and information, a de facto limitation on the student body’s ability to learn about what their government is doing. Transparency is key to being accountable and keeping the trust of the people student government serves.

Finally, President Cooper Anderson and Vice President Jennifer Babos promised to light the Aggie “A” during their campaign, but local laws might make doing so difficult if not impossible. Lighting the “A” would indeed be badass, but we want to see progress or at least honesty in the process.

It’s a new year. If student government works hard it can achieve good things. This newspaper hopes so.

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