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Authors: Matt Miller

Local artist and CSU alumnus Noah Besser has spent most of this summer drawing. He spent his time creating something independent –– untouched by Hollywood.

This work aims to create the remainder of his almost animated, stick-figure, storyboarded shorts Parker St.

Since it began airing at the Lyric Cinema Cafe in May, the show has gathered steam throughout the Fort Collins area. The season finale of the first season will air today at 6:30 p.m. at the Lyric.

The show has become somewhat of a grassroots movement throughout Fort Collins, gaining a fan base largely through word of mouth.

“People appreciate local art,” Besser said. “There is a personal attachment since it’s local.”

The audience, which originally consisted of friends and family, has grown significantly since its first showing.

“A lot of people began to show up that I didn’t know,” said Besser, who has relied on the work itself to attract people. He has spent his time working on the episodes rather than traditional advertising.

This growing interest is exactly what Besser hoped for.

It’s not really complete without an audience,” Besser said. “These screenings are what makes the work worth it.”

Into each episode, Besser poured in about 80 hours of work.

The shows are peppered with different themes and approaches, including one episode almost completely created by Besser’s niece.

Parker St. is simple and can show the most emotions with very few lines, like a Japanese Zen painting, Besser said.

“Some episodes literally had me in tears,” said Fort Collins resident Devon Fulford, who has attended 10 of the 12 episodes. “It’s a very intelligent and hilarious animated story.”

After this season, Besser will be pitching the show to other independent theatres around Colorado and to PBS.

“I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t know about it who would enjoy it,” Besser said.

The next season will continue to make people laugh without being overly complex or pretentious, Besser said.

After the finale, Besser plans to take a five to six month hiatus in order to start working on the second season. During this hiatus, the first season of Parker St. will replay every other Thursday at the Lyric.

“Noah is so talented and witty,” said Fort Collins resident Bridget Peot. “It’s the perfect way to spend a Thursday night: Laughs and beer at the Lyric.”

Besser expects anywhere from 40 to 80 fans at The Lyric for the finale. He will be selling T-shirts for $10, the Parker St. box set for $12 and individual episodes for $3.

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Attend the Showing:

  • What: The finale of CSU alumnus Noah Besser’s animated, stick-figure, storyboarded shorts Parker St.
  • Where: The Lyric Cinema Cafe on Mountain Avenue in Old Town
  • When: 6:30 p.m
  • Admission: $2
  • T-shirts: $10
  • Box set: $12
  • Individual episodes: $3
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