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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Carol Shirey will end her 25-year tenure with the university come November.
Departing as the director of Human Resources Services, Shirey said the timing for retirement “just seemed right” and instead of making plans for her free time, she’ll just go with the flow.

“I might just sleep for the first month,” Shirey, 54, said. “I should catch up on that.”

Shirey held the director position for six-and-a-half years and said she dealt with the typical duties of payroll, benefits and data systems, but also, “anything from one coworker shoving another to employee theft.”

CSU opened up a search in early August for Shirey’s replacement and in the process, tweaked the position name and tacked on more responsibilities to the job description.

The person that takes the position will operate under the title of associate vice president for Human Resource Services and, according to the job description, handle the employee assistance program, benefits, payroll, compensation and classification systems, state classified recruitment, data systems and record organization.

Lynn Johnson, associate vice president for Finance and Budget, heads up the search committee and said the person to take Shirey’s place will often cross paths with sensitive information and will be “required to protect such information in accordance with applicable confidentiality policy and procedures.”

Shirey, who had racked up enough retirement money to live comfortably after parting with the university, compared CSU to a small town and said it’s “kind of fun” to work through everyday problems.

“Anything that can happen in a city can happen right here,” she said.

Her mother retired at 55, and Shirey said she’s following in the footsteps so she can spend more time living life –– hiking, reading, volunteering.

“People always said, ‘What are you going to do with your time?’ And my parents said, ‘Well, I don’t know how I even found time to work,’” she said. Shirey grew up in Gary, Ind. and hopes to visit her family back home more often.

The person who takes her place, she said, should be a natural problem solver because “you spend a lot of time trying to understand people in this job.” Also, he or she should have a good understanding of personnel law.

The job will also entail developing and interpreting employee policies, managing unemployment claims and providing “support” to administrators with disciplinary or employee relation action that needs to be taken.

The application period for full consideration is set to close on Sept. 13, Johnson said, but the committee will continue to take submissions until the position is filled. Johnson hopes to have the position filled by mid-November but said the starting date will depend on his or her availability.

As of Tuesday, 65 individuals had applied for the position.

Johnson said she couldn’t disclose whether any CSU employees had thrown their name into the mix. The current salary exercise lists the current compensation at $135,500, but Johnson said the new person’s experience will determine his or her salary.

“It’s a job you can’t get away from, even when you’re on vacation,” Shirey said. “But it’s a great place with a lot of good people.”

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Meet Carol Shirey

  • Years with the university: 25
  • Plans after retirement: None specifically, but visiting family and spending more time reading, hiking and volunteering.
  • Leaving the university: November
  • Job responsibilities: Payroll and benefits, employment classification, records management and data systems.
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