Between Iraq, a hard place

Aug 312010

President Barack Obama sat in the Oval Office Tuesday night and declared an official end to the U.S. combat missions in Iraq.

But as the Washington Post put it: “There was no dancing in the streets, no celebratory gunfire and no sense that a milestone had been reached.”

You see: Turmoil still festers in this Middle Eastern state.

As the transcript from Obama’s address reads, “Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country.”

But are they ready for us to leave?

Six months after Iraqi national elections, a stable government has yet to be formed.

“How can the Americans leave when we don’t have a government, don’t have a state?” Hafedh Zubaidi, a Baghdad resident, asked the Los Angeles Times.

Yes, the U.S. will keep 50,000 troops in Iraq in an advisory role, and bringing home our soldiers is an incredible breath of air for many American families and friends.

But in what condition are we leaving the Iraqi people –– the countless Iraqi families who’ve suffered just as many or more tragedies than those in the U.S.

This retreat was inevitable, but caution must be taken to help Iraq create a stable government before we leave.

We started this rodeo. We need to keep riding until Iraq’s ready to hold the reigns.

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