Daily Record

Aug 312010
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Monday Arrests

  • There were no arrest affidavits available at time of pick up.

*Other Notable Items


  • 12:26 a.m.: DUI at the 1900 block of Prospect Road.
  • 2:12 a.m.: Weapons at the 1000 block of South Drive.
  • 11:32 a.m.: Burglary at Corbett Hall, 801 W. Laurel Street.
  • 1:27 p.m.: Theft at Lory Student Center, 1101 Center Ave.
  • 11:02 p.m.: Theft at the 1000 Block of South Drive.


  • 8:11 p.m.: Vehicle theft at the 900 block of South Drive.
  • 9:06 p.m.: Theft at the 700 block of South Drive.

The Daily Record will be published in the_ Collegian Tuesday through Friday. It is compiled by the staff of the _Collegian from arrest affidavits and a daily incident record provided by the CSUPD. The Daily Record is also available daily online at Collegian.com.

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