Aug 302010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Students are okay with being associated with loud, drunk parties. They are not happy with being linked to a riot.

Only one CSU student, Landon Eskew, has been cited in the 400-person riot in Old Town on Aug. 22 that caused roughly $12,000 of damage to Fort Collins businesses and sent a dozen people to the hospital.

Lauren Hedstrom, a senior communications major, only recently heard about the riot on the Internet and knew no one involved.

“I think it’s completely irresponsible for students to be involved, and it gives CSU a bad name and a bad rap,” Hedstrom said.

A survey issued to students after a riot in 2004 shows that students do not want the university to be associated with this type of behavior, said Brad Bohlander, spokesman for the university.

The Old Town riot erupted hours after a performance by funk group Earth, Wind & Fire at the Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest.

Nick Interdonato, a senior construction management major, left the concert that night and went to a party on the West side of town. He noticed something was wrong when police cars abandoned their scan for house parties and headed in the direction of Old Town.

“I didn’t know where the cops were going at first,” Interdonato said. “I had no idea there was a riot.”

The event is documented on sites like YouTube, which shows the group hollering as police shot tear gas into the streets. These tapes and others are currently being used in the ongoing investigation in an attempt to identify bystanders and other people involved. The names of 14 rioters have been released since the incident.

“Fort Collins is the last place that I expected a riot to break out,” said Jessica Fleming, a junior health and exercise science major.

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