Aug 302010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Seven more individuals will head to court for allegedly participating in the Aug. 22 Old Town riot, bringing the total number of citations issued to 14.

Of the new names released by Fort Collins Police Services, none were identified as CSU students, leaving Landon Eugene Eskew as the only student cited to date.

Eskew’s charges have also been changed from “obstructing a peace officer,” a class 2 misdemeanor, to engaging in a riot and disobedience of public safety orders under riot conditions –– both class 3 misdemeanors. A class 3 misdemeanor is less severe than a class 2 misdemeanor charge.

Rita Davis, spokeswoman for FCPS, said that during the investigation, the department found Eskew’s actions to better fit under the revised charges.
Eskew faces repercussions from the city courts as well as a separate hearing from the university’s Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services Department. If he is found guilty, punishments range from academic probation to expulsion from the university.

The student conduct process for the CSU students has yet to start, said Dell Rae Moellenberg, CSU spokeswoman.

Officials from Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services, Moellenberg said, cannot comment on the topic because it is similar to a municipal judge commenting on a case passing through his or her courtroom.

Eskew couldn’t be reached for comment.

The estimated 400 people who allegedly took to the streets of Old Town during the riot caused roughly $12,000 in damages to the area and to local businesses.

FCPS is currently working with organizations, including CSU, to identify six other individuals.

“We’d like to have it resolved in the next couple of weeks, but we will continue to investigate this until we’ve got the case covered,” Davis said.

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