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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

In response to a clear student demand, University Parking Services is working to convert 105 spots in its Lake Street Garage to accommodate students with “Z” permits.

“Just from the first week of school we could tell we needed more commuter parking,” said Dave Bradford, director of Parking Services. “(Monday), as soon as we started switching this over, it filled up right away.”

Bradford hopes to see all spots converted by midweek.

Natalie Woo, a graduate student in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, said the new spots will be a huge help for students who arrive on campus after 9 a.m. because most of the left-over parking was on the roof.

“There are so many rows of ‘A,’ and they’re always empty,” Woo said.

Before the transition, the four-floor garage housed 376 commuter parking spaces, 341 faculty and staff parking spots and 155 short-term meter spots. The changes will up the commuter parking to 481spaces by taking away 105 faculty and staff “A” permit spots –– leaving 236.

People with “A” parking can still park in “Z” spots in the event of overflow.

“Our goal is to fill the garage. It doesn’t do us any good to have empty spaces,” Bradford said.

A dozen spaces to accommodate motorcyclists were added on the second and third floors. Individuals with environmentally friendly cars have a few spots reserved in the structure, too.

The Lake Street Garage cost $21.6 million and was paid for with permit and citation fees. The structure opened last spring and has been fully operational since.

Cindy Boham, assistant director of University Parking Services, said when talks about the structure began, safety was a concern. Parking Services and the CSU Police Department monitors garage cameras pointing at every entrance for cars and people. CSUPD also patrols the area.

A good portion of the lights in the building stay on all day and light-colored paint was used to keep it bright when it’s dark outside.

“We tried to take all the concerns people have with other garages and fix those here,” Bradford said.

One the first floor, Parking Services offers bike racks where students can leave bikes overnight. The idea, Bradford said, is to have students drive to campus and then use a bike to get around during the day.

In the coming months students can expect a convenience store to be added on the bottom floor of the Lake Street structure.

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By the numbers

Number of spaces in Lake Street Garage

Commuter or “Z” spots.

Faculty/staff or “A” spots.

Short-term meter spots.

To find out if your car is approved for an environmentally friendly spot: Visit:

The University Parking Services office, located in the Lake Street Garage, is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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