Five years is not very long

Aug 292010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We’ve forgotten. Too many people have.

And now, five years later, we remember the horror and pain associated with Hurricane Katrina. The faces of displaced families and the burden they shouldered and continue to live with.

But does remembering Katrina for four out of 1,825 days really do the people of New Orleans justice?

On August 30, 2005 the storm dissipated leaving thousands dead and more than $100 billion of damage in its wake. And after criticizing the Bush Administration for failing to send the National Guard immediately and pointing fingers at FEMA for not responding to the crisis efficiently, for a few years the media, just like everyone else, dropped the ball.

We stopped watching, stopped reporting and allowed time to take its course. But there are still victims living in FEMA trailers and insurance claims that have yet to be paid. There are still stories to be told, money to follow and people in need of help.

During his anniversary address at Xavier University of Louisiana, President Barack Obama said that Americans need to stand behind victims and work to surpass challenges.

And according to a New York Times article, when Obama took office, 40,000 families were in trailers or on emergency housing vouchers but now 98 percent of those families are in permanent housing.

History has proved that you cannot rebuild a city or the lives that dwell within it in five years. So, Colorado State, never forget those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

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