Aug 262010
Authors: Rachel Childs

CSU student Landon Eugene Eskew was named as one of seven people cited for crimes committed during the Old Town riot last Sunday.

Eskew, who received a misdemeanor for obstructing a peace officer, was allegedly one of the estimated 400 rioters who crowded the streets of Old Town after a fight broke out in a local nightspot and caused roughly $12,000 in damage to the area and local businesses.

Cases involving CSU students associated with the riot will be given a separate hearing and evidence review through Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services on campus.

Punishment ranges from academic probation to expulsion from the university.

Colorado law declares that the student cannot return to any university in Colorado for a full calendar year if convicted of being involved in a riot.

Charges for nine other rioters are pending, and investigators are working to identify at least six other participants based on videos and photographs taken at the scene.

Two of the people yet to be named are said to be CSU students, said Rita Davis, FCPS spokeswoman.

“The overwhelming majority of the students not only would not participate in this type of act but do find it appalling and don’t want this associated with the university,” said Brad Bohlander, spokesman for the university.

Eskew did not return calls from the Collegian.
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