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Authors: Rachel Childs

The lazy summer lull has come to an end, and that means it’s time to lock up computers and other belongings.

The beginning of the new school year brings an air of excitement and carelessness, which can be dangerous for anyone with an expensive new laptop or shiny new bike.

CSU crime statistics reveal that theft and drug and alcohol offenses are among the most commonly committed crimes: In 2009, there were 161 cases of theft on items other than bikes or cars.

“By and large, property crimes are crimes of opportunity,” said CSU Police Chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt.

Prevention and proactive actions are what CSUPD heavily encourages students to practice so these types of offenses do not happen. Registering bikes early and always and leaving belongings in sight are appropriate ways to ensure they are safe.

Drug and alcohol offenses were lowest in 2009, with 105 incidents as opposed to 265 the year before.

“We’ll try to provide the same reactive and proactive activities the community has been accustomed to,” Rich-Goldschmidt said.

Efforts include assigning specific police officers to the residence halls to do regular walks and safety checks as well as a continuing police presence on campus.

CSPUD also advises students and community members to call its hotline if they notice any suspicious activity or crimes. It is encouraged to call even if it is uncertain whether the event is a crime or not.

“Just call us right away and allow us to be as proactive as possible,” Rich-Goldschmidt said.

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By the numbers
4,500: The estimated number of incoming freshmen this year.
161: Cases of theft on items other than bikes and cars in 2009.
105: Drug and alcohol incidents in 2009.
265: Drug and alcohol incidents in 2008.

How to report a crime
If its happening before your eyes: Call 911.
Do it in person: Go to the CSU Police Department’s front desk in Green Hall.
*Call it in to CSUPD: *970-491-6425.

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