Aug 252010
Authors: Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer

Ryan and Glen are writing a column in the awesome new Behavioral Sciences study lounge.

No, this isn’t a major change from the past two years, but it is the first time we’ve had Facebook’s new “Places” feature available to let you know this scintillating fact via the World Wide Intertubes.

Hopefully this doesn’t ruin our carefully established relationship with our readers the way that the experts are predicting “Places” will ruin things with your BFF –– they claim you can’t lie to your friends about where you are now. In that case, our Tip of the Week is to not let the friend you took to the Justin Bieber concert tag you with them while you’re there.

Over the past two years, we’ve had the pleasure of delivering the warm, tasty goodness that is popular technology news to the lovely CSU campus –– OK, it’s only lovely when there are leaves on the trees. We only cover the most important, hard-hitting topics in this column, things like the origins of the Internet, how the world will end and Jonas Brothers sightings on Chatroulette.

But we also enjoy talking about relevant tech news, both worldwide and applicable to students here on campus, things like new RAMweb features and awesome gadgets. We keep up on where the student technology fee advisory board allocates your greenbacks too.

You may be wondering how we co-write a column. Do we switch off every other sentence?

(Ryan sucks.) (Hahaha Glen you’re terrible in bed.)

Not usually, but we are awesome enough to use Google Documents to write it –– a useful tool that you should really use on group projects you may encounter this semester, Zeus forbid.

Google Docs allow multiple users to write and edit the same document at the same time from seperate computers –– a perfect collaboration tool. It was even updated to show other users writings in real-time –– it used to only refresh other users’ changes every 20 seconds or so –– so yet again, we feel like citizens of the 21st Century.

And before we forget, you can access Google Documents under the “more” pulldown tab on the Google homepage. If you’re ever really bored, you can check out all of Google’s other pet projects that are listed under that tab.

Anyone out there hate Facebook? Anyone love it? Now that we have everyone’s attention, we’d like to make a movie suggestion for this fall. Oct. 1 “The Social Network” hits the big screens, and if you haven’t heard about this one we’d suggest checking it out.

“The Social Network” is about the rise of Facebook starting in 2004 and the people who got burned along the way. It stars Jesse Eisenberg (remember Zombieland?) as Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook who isn’t portrayed as the nicest guy. A couple of ruined lives, a few multimillion dollar lawsuits and one sex scene later the based-on-a-true-story movie ends up with a site with 500 million users who can reveal their exact location to the world in an instant. So really, it was all worth it … right?

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