FCPS to name rioters today

Aug 252010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Fort Collins Police Services will name the people cited in last Sunday’s Old Town riot as it continues to investigate.

Police are still looking at tapes and photos taken by police and bystanders during the riot, trying to put together the series of events that caused thousands of dollars in damage to local businesses and closed off the intersection of College and Mountain Avenues.

“This will be a long process,” said FCPS spokeswoman Rita Davis, adding that the department is still working to gather information.

Videos compiled by police include bystander videos on YouTube, store surveillance and police recordings are being reviewed in order to identify people involved in the 400-person riot.

Colorado legislation outlines that any college student charged and convicted of participating in a riot, including bystanders, can potentially be suspended from all universities in Colorado for up to a year.

“Riots become riots because there are bystanders,” said Jody Donovan, Interim Dean of Students.

If a student is arrested in connection with a riot, both the police and Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services, CRSCS, will get involved. The student will receive due process in both settings.

CRSCS will decide the fates of involved students based on their offense, but the city justice system will have a separate hearing.

Community crime solving group Larimer County Crime Stoppers is assisting police by offering rewards for anonymous tips identifying people in police photographs. If the tip leads to an arrest, the tipster gets a cash bonus, which starts at $100 and may rise depending on the offense committed by the identified person.

“We always judge it on the magnitude of the crime,” said Larimer County Crime Stoppers treasurer Ray Martinez.

LCCS will take tips via their website or hotline. Tipsters will be given an anonymous number, and will be given money with no questions asked upon an arrest.

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