Aug 252010
Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

Montreal’s husband-and-wife fronted indie rock band Arcade Fire are the proud parents of their third critically acclaimed LP “The Suburbs”. Its 16 tracks are driven by simple and repetitive lyrics, while capturing universal and relatable emotions of greater significance.

The suburbs are familiar to many of us with their cookie-cutter houses and perfectly groomed lawns, the social pressures of snoopy neighbors and all those malls. Arcade Fire understands what it is like growing up on cul-de-sacs, and how growing up is hard for anyone.

Their lyrics are laced with adulthood insecurities that come along with finding jobs, having kids, moving on and living life as a “modern man.” It seems these music giants are human too and going through the same everyday issues as their listeners.

Each song on “The Suburbs” flows together to create a journey and a theme of growing up. The album is a story that is relaying the thoughts of today’s youth, struggling with both the world’s problems and their own.

Combining their percussion and piano-driven rock sound with a hint of ‘80s synth pop creates an array of unique instruments that adds to Arcade Fire’s style. Although the band boasts seven members, the songs are not muddled by too much chaos.

Longtime fans of the band will appreciate the balanced style found between their first LP “Funeral” and their second LP “Neon Bible.” Arcade Fire manages to keep true to their sound, while crossing into fresh and revealing territory.

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